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Sunday January 15th 2012



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The Team

Alex Crawford
Full-Time Photographer

Alex joined the team in late December 2010 to fill the big shoes left by his good friend Jenilee.

A graduate photography and art student at the Pratt Institute in NYC, it quickly became clear that Alex would be a great fit.

With his great eye for composition, experience in Art photography and overall excitement for this new project, Alex has certainly helped take the site to a new level.

As of January 2011, the majority of the photography on the site is his work. He also aids in website management and overall art production.

You can see more of his work at www.alexcrawfordphotography.com and follow him on Twitter.


Townsend Smith
Social Media/PR Assistant

An avid fan of The Style Blogger, Townsend applied for the internship position after reading about the opening on the site. He was featured in episode 2, where we was voted fan favorite and was quickly hired in February 2011.

Townsend is an economics major at St. Lawrence University who has done public relations, social media, marketing and web design work for a variety of small businesses all over the country.

After being offered the position, Townsend quickly made it clear that he would add a new and exciting dynamic to the TSB team with his enthusiasm, work ethic, and knowledge of menswear. He has already become an integral and valued component of our team.

You can read more about him in his feature here, and also follow him on Twitter.




Chris Caro
Director of Video Production

Chris is the site’s video guru – all video production is his art.

He joined the team in November 2010 and fit in immediately with his fresh perspective, innovative ideas and “I can’t wait to see more” film editing style.

With a degree in Advertising Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Chris is an experienced art director who has worked behind the camera on shoots for clients such as Nike and Adidas.

Having always had a passion for film production, he recently picked up a camera himself to pursue his own projects – one of which will be The Style Blogger video series.

You can see more of his work at www.chriscaro.com.



Westley Dimagiba
Production Assistant/Part-Time Photographer

Westley was one of the photographers we auditioned for the summer of 2011.

Although we eventually hired a more experienced photographer for the position, we enjoyed hanging with Wes so much that we took him on as production assistant & part-time photographer.

Born and raised in lower Manhattan, Westley is a genuine cool cat with great style and a fellow hoops player  - so he fits right in. We are thrilled to have him on board.





Conor Quinlan & Summit Design Studio
Web Development & Tech Support 

Conor and his team at Summit Design Studio have been supporting the back-end technology of our website for over a year now and have continuously helped us take our work to the next level.

He’s a computer genius with unbelievable reliability and response time who has programmed for corporations like Microsoft and Nasa.

If you have any web design or business technology needs whatsoever, I strongly encourage you to visit his website and give them a call. I guarantee they will answer, quickly.