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Monday January 23rd 2012



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1 Piece/4 Ways: Handmade Fur Scarf


Whenever my mother (my first style inspiration, as featured here, here and here) and I get together, which, sadly, is only a few times a year, we end up working on some kind of fashion related arts and crafts project. One year we made a pair of red denim gloves that I still wear once in a while in the breast pocket of an overcoat.

Over this past Christmas holiday I had my eye on my late grandmother’s leather and fur coat that was collecting dust in the back of our living room closet.

I said to my mom: “Wouldn’t it be cool if we cut that fur into a scarf?”

That night her and I are at the kitchen table until 2am cutting and sewing almost all of the coat’s fur (meme was a tiny woman) into a double-faced scarf.

The outcome was awesome and very personal to me. Not only did my mother and I hand-make it together, but it’s genuine Canadian beaver (a national symbol of Canada) and, of course, it reminds me of my grandmother.

There are high-end stores that carry fur scarves, but knowing a thing or two about sewing (or someone that does) can save you hundreds, or more, at a local vintage store.

Here, I styled my new favorite scarf four different ways.

1. Corporate Luxury

Fur can be tough to pull-off without it looking like too much. It’s a good idea to keep the fur as the only accent on a simple, classic look. And of course, you have to wear it with confidence and own it. Fur is not for the timid.

Because it’s a luxury fabric, it will come off as dressy, elegant and rich. Therefore it’s a perfect match for a dark, sharply tailored suit. A simple ascot loop (like the first part of tying your shoes) with the front end laying flat against the chest is an easy way to tie a rectangular scarf over a suit. It’s simple, clean and keeps the suited look’s age-old symmetry.

As with any bold show of luxury, it’s important keep everything in context – especially in a corporate setting. Some things need to be “earned”. This isn’t for first year analysts, this is bossy.

I was wearing black footwear here – I think it’s the most fitting color for winter weather and I love the sharpness against a dark navy suit.

This would work just as well with chocolate brown – it may even be better to bring the whole look together because of the browns in the scarf.

Homemade fur scarf. Suit and shirt by Michael Andrews Bespoke. Wool tie by Thom Browne. Tie bar by Purely Paige. “The Adams” loafers by Allen Edmonds. Cashmere blend socks by Marcoliani. Watch and black alligator band by Montblanc. 

2. Business Casual

It doesn’t get much warmer than genuine fur. Lay it around the neck, wrap one end over the other across your body, and anchor it down under a jacket and you will not need a coat – at least not in the mild weather we’ve been having in NYC.

Homemade fur scarf. Jacket (part of suit, as feature way back here) by Hugo Boss. Blue flannel herringbone shirt by Michael Andrews Bespoke. Burgundy cardigan by The Brooklyn Circus. Chocolate brown corduroys by H&M (tailored). Alligator belt and silver buckle by Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Winter socks by JCrew. Penny loafers by Bass. Wool pocket square by Armstrong & Wilson. Unlined suede driving gloves (for my bicycle) by Cole Hann.  

3. Just a Hint

A luxurious scarf can instantly amp up an easy casual look – even if it’s just peeking out.

We shot this look a while back for our post on peacoats, here.

Homemade fur scarf. Down peacoat by Hugo by Hugo Boss (M – available here). Jeans by JBrand (Kane, 32). Gloves by Hilts Willard. Boots by UGG Australia

4. Keep it Simple, Solid

As I’ve written in the past, if you have a well edited wardrobe it’s easy to dress well. The brunt of your personal styling should happen while shopping.

Think about each individual piece’s investment value - how long it will last (durability and style) and how many outfits you can make with it using what you already have in your closet. If all of your pieces have a high investment value, you should be almost able to get dressed in the dark.

Combining solid pieces in neutral colors (like navy, white, and camel) keeps the attention on your face, and leaves less room for distractions or pattern-mixing errors.

This look may be considered style-forward, but it’s actually a very simple combination of classic menswear staples.

If you’re a pale guy, like me, you want to avoid beige or khaki tops and stick with the darker, more saturated camel.

Homemade fur scarf. Navy trench by Brooks Brothers Black Fleece (2, cropped). Camel turtleneck by Gucci. White denim jeans by Helmut Lang. Socks by Smart Turnout. Suede loafers by Ralph Lauren. Brown alligator belt and silver buckle by Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Shades by Matsuda

Thanks, as always, for reading – and special thanks again to my mom for helping my whip this thing up.

Yours in style,




Looks 1,2 & 4 photographed by Alex Crawford, look 3 photographed Wes Dimagiba


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  • STeVie says:

    You can expect your call from PETA any day meow!

  • Chad says:

    I was wondering, considering how many pairs of shoes you, how to maintain/clean you shoes? thank you

  • Todd Smith says:

    Wow! Fur scarf I dont know if I would have ever considered this, if I didnt see it here first.
    The look is dope. But idk if i would be able to pull it off with this cray texas weather. keep bringing the heat man.

  • Ambyr says:

    I really like your Corporate Luxury look along with the Just a Hint. These are both sleek, yet simple. And you look so warm today!


  • AggieK says:

    Is the scarf doubled or lined?

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t know how I feel about wearing fur (although I wear plenty of leather…), but you killed it here!

  • Flo says:

    Look 2 is bombastic. keep it up! greetings from switzerland

  • Mike Hunt says:

    Something odd about wearing your grandmother’s beaver around your neck. Nevertheless, the rest of your gear is spot on as usual. Nice work, Dan.

  • lg says:

    look 3 is smooth and urban, not fan of fur, but look 3 is done nice!

  • Edward says:

    I say…Great job!Look 2 and 3 are awesome.

  • Jason says:

    Dan, do you have a link for where the unlined suede gloves can be purchased? I can’t seem to find them anywhere online!

  • Ishaan says:

    Got to be honest. Not feeling the fur scarf. Reminds me of the farmer from Fantastic Mr. Fox. But, do you! It’s what makes you unique.

  • Winston says:

    Really great site! Long time reader first time posting. Reading your blog has really helped me out a lot in impoving my own personal style. Just wanted to say thank you!

    This is totally unrelated to this post but I’ve noticed you don’t respond as much to reader questions anymore. I know you’re busy but I’d appreciate it if you took the time to answer please. I have some suits that have three buttons, I know they’re not as popular now, what is your opinion on them? I wasn’t sure if I should just donate them and just buy new ones. Thanks

    • Tim says:

      Winston…. are you kidding? Donate the suites because they are 3 button and you think they are out of style. No way. 2 button, 1 button, and 3 button suites are just different styles to choose from. I personally love 3 buttons over 2 buttons and that’s what I stick to buying if I can. Don’t get rid of a good suite unless something is wrong with it.
      Just my 2 cents.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just when you think this site can’t get any better. BOOM

    thank you

  • Larry says:

    Amazing.. Simply AMAZING!!! These looks are genius!!

  • Tim says:

    Dan… I can’t say enough how much I love this site all of you style designs and looks. But… I’m not feeling this fur scarf on you. I don’t think it fits the right looks on guys.

    ps.. thanks for all the 5 in 1 style guides. Great looks.

  • EvanM says:

    Sweet scarf. I love it when you take chances like this.

    I can’t get over those boots in look 3. I gotta get some of those!

    Does anyone else comes to styleblogger so much that when they type www, thestyleblogger is the first to pop up on their history! haha. Keep it up Dan/team!

  • NY says:

    Dude, you look straight-up evil in the first picture. In a good way. Like you just fired a bunch of people and stepped on their crying children on the way out to lunch at the club.

  • cam says:

    Ah the Hugo Boss Jacket from the “One bold suit 5 different looks” post. Still my all-time favorite post. Keep up the great work Dan!

  • TO says:

    What a great way to bond with your ma!

    I love how the pocket square accents the scarf (+ sweet gloves) in look 2. Look 4 is simple but great (there’s those awesome socks again!).

  • @rhodges16 says:

    Excellent man…you are a Great Inspiration to real men who love fashion!!!

  • Windsorite says:

    The navy suit is sickkk!!!! Love that you kept it simple – with a fit that great, you can keep everything simple (White shirt, plain tie) and still look badass!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    You are a genius.

  • iis of Faith says:

    AWESOME post…great creativity … and yes, special times with your mom! AWESOME!

  • ZK says:

    No, Just No….

  • NoelVintageBoutique says:

    The Corporate Luxury ensemble is regal & luxurious. The presence of the fur scarf reflects the creativity & confidence of its wearer, which is an essential quality of a successful business man. Excellent Post.