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Thursday January 5th 2012



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A Hot Weather Neckline


In hot climates, it’s okay to show a little skin.

In addition to investing in some lightweight breathable fabrics, the key to keeping your body temperature down is letting the neck and chest breathe.

Here, some hot weather necklines to help you stay cool.

1. Heat Wave Casual

Remember that week we had over 100 degrees (40+ Celsius)? I was wearing something like this.

Loose, flowy, 100 % linen open-neck henley + unlined cotton shorts. It doesn’t get much cooler – feeling close to naked.

As you know, I believe that man looks best in a fitted, tailored silhouette – in my opinion it’s the most flattering for the male physique. However, in hot climates, looser, flowy-er clothing can look more appropriate (which is a criteria for looking “stylish”).

Bonus Tip: This type of easy throw-over is also perfect for a beach vacation.

Bonus Tip II: These 100% organic wooden shades stay cool on the skin, don’t stick to moisture, and float in the ocean!

Bonus Tip III: If you’re going to show this much skin, make sure your body is ready. A gym-prepared physique, some light man-grooming and a tan will help pull this look off. (Without the tan is okay too I guess…I probably should have shot this after the beach getaway).

Linen henley Club Monaco (sample). Navy chino shorts by Theory (34). Watch by Brera Orologi. Rail road spike cuff and rope belt by Giles & Brother. Shades by Shwood. Leather strap sandals by Mercanti Forentini.

2. Off to the Beach – Tank Layering

Heading to a weekend getaway on the beach, doing more tank layering.

Bonus Tip: A short-sleeve seersucker shirt is perfect for off-the-beach activities on your beach vacation (as is a graphic tank top). With a pair of well-fitting summer jeans you also have an easy look for a night out in beachtown.

Bonus Tip II: Here I’m using the strap from my bag as a belt – the perfect way to match your leathers, and save packing space. It has clips on both ends that can attach to belt loops and it has an adjustable buckle – not much different than a traditional belt. In fact, just different enough.

Short-sleeved seersucker shirt by Land’s End (purchased at WalMart, S). Graphic tank by PegLeg NYC (L). Vintage Levis jeans. Leather duffle by Lotuff & Clegg. Belt is the shoulder strap from the duffle bag. Shades (in pocket) by Shwood. Watch by Brera Orologi. Railroad spike cuff by Giles & Brother. Leather strap sandals by Mercanti Forentini.

3. Summer Knit

There are knits for every season, including the summer. This is a very thin (almost see-through) cotton/silk blend with a low-cut neckhole. It looks like a dressy sweater, but feels lighter than a t-shirt.

Bonus Tip: This is the perfect look for a “nice” dinner or “fancy” summer evening event. It looks put-together and suave, but breethes much better than a traditional collared shirt. Keeping the neck cool and open goes a long way in keeping your body temperature down.

Bonus Tip II: Lightweight wool hopsack (think loosely woven and textured) is a very underrated warm-weather fabric. These suit pants – from the grey hopsack suit in my new collection are a great alternatives to cotton or linen summer trousers. The best part is, the grey color makes this suit appropriate for at least 3 seasons.

Cotton/silk knit by Theory (M). Trousers (part of suit) by MAB by Dan Trepanier (available here). Watch by Brera Orologi. Railroad spike cuff and leather strap bracelet by Giles & Brother. Loafers by Bally. Frames by Matsuda

 4. Opening Band

Band collar pullovers are some of my favorite summer shirts. Having no collar on the back of your neck, along with a few buttons undone to air out the chest, allows you to feel the breeze and stay cool.

Bonus Tip: Matching your leathers and metals with a casual outfit makes it look more chic and put-together.

Band collar bib-front shirt by Club Monaco (Sample). Shorts by Bonobos. Shades vintage Matsuda (older than I am). Watch by Brera Orologi. Railroad spike cuff by Giles & Brother. Mocs by LL Bean. 

5. Loosen Up 

Don’t be afraid to loosen up a few buttons on a washed shirt. This summer I’ve been wearing up to 4 buttons open – even with a suit.

It’s not just suave European men that can get away with this.

Bonus Tip: Summery fabrics, like this soft cotton shirt and linen pants, fit best with a low neckline.

Bonus Tip II: Groom your chest hair, don’t shave it. Once a month or so I run clippers over my chest with a 2 guard. It keeps it trimmed and clean but still masculine.

Floral shirt (M) and linen trousers (33) by Zara. Leather strap sandals by Stubbs & Wooton. Watch and band by Montblanc. Shades by Persol. 


Thanks, as always, for reading. Stay cool.

Yours in style,



Photography by Alex Crawford and Westley Dimagiba


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  • Joey Dee says:

    Thanks for the ideas, i agree, look 3 is the best one. Thanks also for pointing out that to look great one needs to work at it too. Checking into a workout routine starting today!

  • Arsene says:

    I work in a pretty rugged outdoor environment which isn’t accepting of seasonal wear. Found it challenging to combine practicality, wearability, and still look like myself this summer with this hellish heat. These are some great looks especially the band collar look. Somebody’s buying a new shirt tomorrow. This is good.

    Arsene R.

  • justin says:


    (sorry for the all-caps but i wanted to make a point.)

  • MOZART5000 says:

    The front tuck you use in the first look is nice.

  • Lewis says:

    Excellent looks. However I must ask the question, how do you afford all these great, yet expensive articles of clothing?

  • Owen says:

    Look 3 is the best!
    All you need is a beautiful black briefcase and you’re done!


  • Luis Alcaraz says:

    You look very very cool as usual, but ireally really hate those sandals. You are a good loking man and dont need those to ruin all your looks.

  • Rashon Carraway says:

    The summer is a perfect time to try a few looks that keeps one cool. Each set displayed here has its own unique quality and personality. I am partial to #3 and #5, but each look represents well.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  • Marco says:

    Those Mercanti Fiorentini sandals.
    I need them in my life.
    Where does one go to buy a pair?
    Help a Canadian brother out? You’ve probably had them for a season or two now, but I thought I’d ask.

    This post is genius, by the way.
    Leather bag strap as a belt? ‘Inspired’ doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  • Anonymous says:

    The first pair of sandals look great.

    I like look #3 the best, Theory makes some great knits.

  • anonymous says:

    I understand you are introducing new looks and your goal may be to show that a foreign item, untouched by most, can be acceptable. however, you have nailed it in the past with your twists on the classics and i see no reason to stray from that.

    people often suggest keeping the rest of an outfit understated when wearing bold/bright colors. i would venture to say that bold colors and bold prints/designs cannot always be salvaged by keeping the rest of the outfit understated.

    Just my opinion, if people like what you’re doing then stick to it I suppose

  • Mike says:

    I’m not a fan of sandals really. I’ll rock these (http://www.dsw.com/shoe/adidas+men%27s+adissage+sport+sandal?prodId=198911&cm_mmc=affil-_-ShopStyle.com-_-main-_-main) at the beach or around the pool but otherwise I like my boat shoes and canvas shoes in the summer.

  • Wayne says:

    What model is that bike in look 4?

  • Kin says:

    Dan nice outfits for the summer. I really started liking floral shirts and ties this year and I was hesitant to buy them because I didn’t know if I could incorporate them into my closet. But I am liking how you’ve been bringing out the floral shirts, pocket squares to show inspiration on how to wear them.

    +1 on the florals.

  • TO says:

    Classic SB! Attacking a topic that most shy far away from and showing how it’s done…inspirational.
    Bag strap as a belt= genius!:) #4 is quite the casual look.

  • ciara says:

    very nice! I especially like the zara floral shirt. I haven’t seen a floral shirt with that grey color as a backround before, usually white. The duffel bag strap as a belt reminds me of when I used the strap from a friend’s purse to keep my pants up during an orchestral performance. small ropes from the hardware store work too.

  • Mr. Sabir P. says:

    Hey Dan,

    The third look with the navy lightweight knit and grey trouser knocks it out of the park. Not only were you able to execute great style you kept it literally cool at the same time. Great work. I hope TSB team is doing well. I was up your way on Friday with the Onassis Clothing crew.



  • Costin M. says:

    awesome article, it has been so hot, i can’t wait for Fall to set in. the summer knit look is awesome, i would definitely see myself wearing something similar.

    Costin M.

  • Bosun says:

    Really like those gladiator shoes, you make them look so good to the point that I’ve considered getting some even though I usually shy away from displaying my toes.

    The bonus tip about the makeshift belt is literally AMAZING, had never crossed my mind.Also love the rope belt, and am currently getting my sister to make me one. Great post!!