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Monday January 16th 2012



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1 Piece/3 Ways: White Denim (+ Our New Summer Photographer)


Firstly, we are very excited to introduce our new summer photographer, Brent Eysler.

Born and raised in Long Island New York, Brent has four years of experience as a professional photographer for clients ranging from newspapers to music groups and is now making the transition into fashion photography.

“I recently discovered The Style Blogger while trying to reinvent my own wardrobe and fashion sense, like many other readers. I’m excited about the direction this blog is heading and very much look forward to being a part of it.”

To see more of Brent’s work you can check out his flicker page here or visit his website: www.EyslerImaging.com

Brent Eysler, self portrait

For our first shoot with Brent I decided to feature one of my favorite Spring/Summer staples: white denim.

Super versatile – not only are they easy to pair with just about any color/pattern combination (because of their neutrality), they also have the unique property of looking pristine/”dressy” (because they’re white) and rugged/casual (because they’re denim) at the same time.

Although I could probably put together hundreds of outfits with these, here are three takes on white denim, each inspired by a different NYC neighborhood.

1. Lower East Side (Casual)

Young. Relaxed. Expressive.

Pair them with a nautical striped tee or tank under a washed poplin for a summer look that keeps you looking and feeling cool.

Bonus Tip: Since they’re primarily a Spring/Summer jean (although I certainly wear mine in the F/W as well) it’s even more important that they be slim through the leg and hemmed with little break. Loose or long white jeans don’t work nearly as well.

Bonus Tip II: Denim stretches. I know, it sucks. I’ve had these for several years now, and just recently had them re-tailored  (taken-in at the waist and through the leg) because I’ve lost a little weight since my college bball days and they were all stretched out. Sometimes you have to bring pieces back to the tailor for a second nip and tuck as your body, or the garments, change shape.

Bonus Tip III: Looking for a pant to wear with those tough-to-match colorful shoes? Problem solved.

White denim by Helmut Lang (size 33, tapered & hemmed). Shirt by Steven Alan. Boat shoes by Sebago. Straw trilby hat by JCrew. Watch by Montblanc. Watchstrap by Corvus.

2. Soho (In Between)

Fashionable. Chic. Put-together.

In a laid-back office setting, you can likely throw on a chambray shirt + knit tie and have a Casual Friday outfit that can take you seamlessly from the office to the weekend.

Bonus Tip: Denim on denim, the clash-free way.

Bonus Tip II: Everybody is making white denim these days. You can find them for under $50 from brands like Levis, H&M or Urban Outfitters.

Bonus Tip III: In my opinion the mini tie bar (narrower than the tie) can look sightly more casual than the standard 2 incher, making it more appropriate for a laid back summer outfit sans jacket.

White denim by Helmut Lang (size 33, tapered & hemmed). Chambray shirt by Rag&Bone (size M). Knit tie by Ralph Lauren Black Label (size M). 1″ tie bar by thetiebar.com. 1″ alligator belt and engine turned buckle by Ralph Lauren Purple Label (36). Watch and alligator band by Montblanc. Loafers by Bass.

3. Upper East Side (Dressed Up)

Proper. Established. Sartorial.

Yes, they can be dressed up too! Just make sure their silhouette is similar to trousers (and therefore congruent with your jackets) and start by pairing them with traditional items in a neutral palette (blue/white banker stripe shirt, grey lightweight jacket, navy knit tie, brown loafers, etc).

Bonus Tip: Another bonus of white denim is that they can either be a blank canvas to let something else stand out (like the shoes in look 1) or they can be the item that adds an accent themselves, like here in look 3.

White denim by Helmut Lang (size 33, tapered & hemmed). 1/4 Lined grey hopsack jacket (part of 2-piece suit) by MAB by Dan Trepanier (size 40 – more on this coming soon). Navy stripe shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren (size M, taken in). Belt and buckle by Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Watch and band by Montblanc. Double monkstrap shoes by Scarpe di Bianco (custom made, my own design).


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,



Photography by Brent Eysler – as usual, additional shots in the Lookbook.

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  • Brighterman says:

    Love all of these shots, truely amazing.

  • Jay Walker says:

    Jeans and blazers are always a great combo. I’ve been looking into getting more stylish jeans recently. Fall is approaching so I need to restock on a few pairs.

  • daniel shin says:

    I have a leather strap watch (similar to yours) and a gold casio digital watch. Up until now i’ve just been going with what i think matches best. Are there any rules or tips on this? when should i wear a leather strap and when do i wear a gold watch? i feel like you can ruin a outfit with the wrong watch. sometimes when i see pictures of outfits i wore, i wish i had worn the other.(most of the time i wear the gold and i wish i had put on the leather strap.)


  • Jonathan says:

    Dear sb, I’m all the way out in Texas and I need to keep really cool and I wanna get more short sleeved button ups but how do I know which ones to tuck in and which ones not to, you mentioned this earlier but didn’t go in depth with the subject

  • Mountain Dandy says:

    This guy has a great eye. His photos are beautiful. Styleblogger has a new fan. http://www.mountaindandy.blogspot.com

  • Cami says:

    Hey Dan,

    I have a question: Can a dark brown watch strap be used with black (shoes and bag) or it has to be black strap not to be awkward?


    • SB says:

      Generally I recommend keeping your leathers in the same color family…but if its so dark drown that it can be confused for black, i doubt anyone’s gonna call you on it.


  • Eric says:

    I really don’t get how you can wear a suit jacket separately? especially worsted wool? It seems you do this all the time. you really need to invest in some sport coats.

    • SB says:

      I have a handful of sportoats, as featured.

      If a suit jacket is made from a patterned or textured cloth like this hopsack (preferably with patch pockets, top stitching and contrasting or metallic buttons) there really is no difference.

      Thanks for reading,

  • Sindre says:

    Loving the white pants look, they all look great, number 3 would be my favourite.
    Keep doing what you do best Dan ;)

  • John Scott says:

    Hey Dan, Does that Blazer has vent wigan?
    Does the blazer has functional buttonholes?
    Does the pocket jets are sewn by hand?
    Did you pad stitched by hand the chest?
    And last what brand fabric you buy for your suits/blazers?

  • anonymous says:

    Are most of your suit jackets center vent or side vents? Do you think it matters based on body type or just personal preference?

  • Emanuel Iuhas says:

    Dan , i love the boat shoes!!!
    I have 5 pairs in different colours!
    Like the post , like everything you do!
    Thank you very much!


    Emanuel Iuhas
    Visual merchandiser/Fashion blogger

  • VB says:


    You mentioned that you have had them altered twice, which I assume means you have had them for ahwhile.

    So a practical question, how do you keep them so white ?


  • JMRouse says:

    Great post Dan. I love my white denim, but dont wear them nearly enough. Might need to break them out this weekend. Also thinking, based on your tip, that they may be a little long. Guess I am just used to wearing my denim that way.

  • paul fredrick says:

    Funny I was just thinking about getting some perry ellis white jeans. Were you reading my mind? lol

  • Chris P says:

    Great looks, particularly the first. I saw the deck shoes in another look but wasn’t too sure but I’m totally sold on them here.

    Looking forward to seeing more of Brent’s work

  • MSDill says:

    nice post! I also liked your one on the white chino… been thinking of doing white pants for the summer, but my wife says white pants on men is too fey…. looking for ways to show her otherwise :)

  • Filipe Costa says:

    Great shots and great looks. I love the first look, I want a boat shoes like yours ;)

  • steve says:

    i’ve been following your blog for about 8 months now, but have yet to leave a comment…until now…this look is brilliant Dan nice work

  • John says:

    Great looks all around, Dan. Just also wanted to give a shout out to Brent who did a great job for his first styleblogger debut, too.

  • mcr says:

    I’m a fan of all these looks, Dan. Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous says:

    As always, you look very sharp and your haircut looks really nice. =)

  • HarrisonK says:

    I’ve seen your previous posts on white denim and I’ve liked both of them, but, it always leaves me thinking, why not white chinos? Why do you like white denim more then white chino? Either way, great post!

  • Cami says:

    Greetings, Please excuse my rude and impolite language but, those are fuc*in’ nice boat shoes to pair with a white denim. simply wonderful great job.

  • HovaLugozi says:

    To SB and fellow readers…

    What width at the bottom do you typically get your pants tapered to?

  • TO says:

    Hey Dan, in the last look, the shirt you’re wearing has lines running up on an angle instead of vertically (under the collar). I’ve noticed this detail over the years, especially with Italian men’s shirt choices- it there a better way to explain this? Great looks with the new cut, btw.

  • Paul L.L says:

    I respect your style and it’s always on point! Love the looks.

    I wanted to try out to be your summer photographer, but I’m going to Korea for business so I didn’t want to waste your time with an email. Hopefully soon there would be another opportunity!

  • Michael says:

    Fresh cut?

  • Fran says:

    Love the look. Summer cool from colourful deck shoes
    to cropped hair. Every shot demands a Gin & Tonic in hand.


  • cam says:

    dan, nice tip about the 1″ tie bar seeming more casual. agreed

  • Tony says:

    Always fresh. Nice post.

  • Oli says:

    Nice post.

  • Dee Tee says:

    You pull this look off very well. I have been very apprehensive about purchasing white jeans. I went shopping for white jeans (think chain store) last night and am very nervous about the way they look. Chinos, no problem, but jeans? I know they look terrific with a trim sport coat!

  • BryJovi says:

    Okay. Fine. You’ve convinced me. I’m getting a pair of white denim. God help them with the coffee I drink though, Tide To Go anyone?

  • Zach says:

    Love the Sebagos.